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Getting Sentenced? Going To Federal Prison?
Here's a book that will help prepare you.
I’m Justin Paperny and I am happy to help you better prepare for your sentencing and for life in federal prison by offering you my book.  If you invest the time to learn I believe you will be further ahead than if you choose to prepare on your own.
My book will erase many of the misperceptions that exist about prison and it will help put you on a productive path through this experience. There is no cost to this and, other than providing me your email, there’s no obligation of any kind.
I’m offering this book because as a former prisoner and prison consultant I have learned how many defendants regretted how they prepared for their journey. As a result they made matters worse for their family and them. And there is also a chance that once you review my work, you may want to reach out to chat with me. 


To be clear, by giving me your email I am not going to bombard with you with emails or try to sell you anything. I am simply going to deliver you invaluable content. I promise not to pester or pressure you at all. That is not my style. If at anytime you feel I have wasted your time you can simply opt out. No hard feelings! My approach is not for everyone.


I cannot guarantee that everyone who reads my book will get the same results as my clients or me. A number of people who opt in may never even read the book. The bottom line is this stuff is really hard. It takes a great deal of commitment and dedication. Our advice is rooted in data, but you’ve got to stick with it. If you’re looking for a “magic pill”, this book is not for you. Rather than scare you about life in prison or offer guarantees, I would rather be honest. 


Here’s what you do next. If you want to learn some strategies that will better prepare you and your family, simply click the "Get Access Now" button on the right. When you do, I will e-mail you a PDF to Lessons From Prison


Thank you,

Justin Paperny


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